Nourish Skin with MAXCLINIC’s Calendula Line

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It wasn’t until I rubbed shoulders with fellow beauty bloggers that I came across calendula. I incessantly complained

about my sensitive, eczema-prone skin,  and others recommended I try this beautiful yellow, sunshine-y flower ingredient. The natural skin-soother is usually used in oil form in skin care and boasts anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Calendula can help heal wounds and, in my case, soothe dry and sensitive skin.

My mouth and chin area have been problematic recently, so I tasked myself to review K-Beauty brand MAXCLINIC’s calendula-infused skin care line. In my trial, I used the Calendula Biome Oil Foam to cleanse my face, followed by the Calendula Relief Toner and Calendula Relief Cream to further soothe, nourish and moisturize my skin. MAXCLINIC uses calendula officinalis flower extract from New Zealand to concoct treatments that calm and care for skin. I’m hoping to relish in soothed and well-moisturized skin by using these products.

Calendula Biome Oil Foam

What is it: A hypoallergenic oil-to-foam cleanser that uses nine types of plant-derived oils to gently melt off makeup, oil and dirt while replenishing skin with moisture. Key ingredient calendula was fermented for 96 hours via biome technology (using lactic acid bacteria) to boost the product’s effectiveness.  It’s free of mineral oil, sulfates, colorants and seven types of parabens.

My experience: Wearing a face full of makeup, I dispensed two pumps of the cleanser into my hands and massaged it onto my face. It was a bit hard to smoothly massage on dry skin, so I wet my hands with warm water and the cleanser successfully lathered up. I massaged the cleanser on my face for a good minute to ensure all the gunk melted away. After rinsing off with lukewarm water, I dispensed two more pumps of the cleanser onto my wet face to wash again. My skin felt soothed, well-nourished and moisturized without being stripped of its natural oils.

Calendula Relief Toner

What is it: With a similar formulation to the oil-to-foam cleanser, this hypoallergenic toner provides heaps of moisture and nourishment to skin. Calendula officinalis extract, along with five plant-derived oils, amplifies skin’s moisture barrier, shielding skin from external aggressors. It also contains niacinamide to brighten skin and adenosine to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

My experience: I squirted a small amount of the toner into the palm of my hand and gently patted it into my face right after cleansing. The refreshing floral scent transported me to a field of flowers. Instantly, my skin felt super moisturized. The toner’s texture is denser compared to most toners I’ve used, but it seamlessly absorbed into my skin. I’m happy to note that my skin had zero negative reaction to the formula, and it looked and felt nourished. I didn’t notice much brightening and anti-aging effects, but that doesn’t lower my perception of the product as lackluster skin and fine lines aren’t my primary skin concerns.

Calendula Relief Cream

What is it: A quick-absorbing and moisturizing cream formulated with calendula extract, calendula oil and milk ferment filtrate, which strengthen the skin barrier by replenishing it with moisture, soothe skin and smooth fine lines. Like the Calendula Relief Toner, the Calendula Relief Cream contains niacinamide to brighten skin and adenosine to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

My experience: Even though this cream has a thick viscosity, it was far from suffocating and cloggy. I swiped two fingers through the cream to grab a good amount to massage over my face. The generous amount absorbed quickly into my skin, providing a healthy dose of moisture. With its soothing properties and botanical scent, my mind was put at ease. Any skin brightening effect and fine line reduction weren’t visibly noticeable, but again, this outcome was fine by me.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the dry and uncomfortable skin days since incorporating MAXCLINIC’s calendula products into my skin care routine for two weeks. With my skin’s moisture levels undoubtedly enhanced, I felt relieved from eczema-related and externally triggered irritations. The products won’t allow users like me with sensitive skin and eczema to permanently say bye to such irritations, but at least this trio offers a temporary remedy to calm skin. That said, I’ve been using these products sparingly, saving them for cooler weather when my skin feels especially dry and irritated.

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