The Slickest Prime Day Home, Design, and Cookware Deals We've Uncovered So Far

After 16 months or so of spending a whole lot more time at home and cooking for yourself, isn’t it time to step things up? The best kitchen deals of Amazon

Prime Day 2021 are here to help you replace that crummy, blackened pot of yours with a fresh new dutch oven, make your own fizzy water instead of shelling out for fancy seltzers, and finally join the Instant Pot revolution. Yes, Prime Day can make all your home and kitchen upgrade dreams come true, with serious deals on everything from state-of-the-art cookware to low-key hacks—don’t sleep on the beeswax food wraps!—that’ll make your cleaning and meal prep days a whole lot easier. And once you've scoped the best kitchen deals below, you can find even more outrageous sales over at our comprehensive list of the best Amazon Prime Day deals 2021.

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