Our Favorite Beard Trimmer and Electric Razor are Both Way on Sale for Amazon Prime Day 2021

When you woke up this morning, you probably didn't plan on buying a beard trimmer or electric shaver. But the best beard grooming products Amazon Prime Day 2021 has to offer are too

good to ignore. Turns out, there's a slew of primo products on sale right now, including highly-rated shavers, razors, and an absolute doozy of a body hair trimmer. But the real scene-stealers are two long-beloved products here at GQ. 

The first is the Panasonic Arc5, a product we dubbed one of our favorite electric shavers when we tested a wide swath of options last year. It's got an ergonomic flexible head that pivots in 16 (16!) different directions and a motor that somehow understands when to speed up and speed down depending on the density of the hair it encounters. Best yet? It normally costs a cool $250, but right now it's marked down a whole 100 bucks. 

The second product we're stoked to see on sale is the Hatteker beard trimmer kit. You might already know about the Hatteker beard trimmer kit. Hell, you might already own the Hatteker beard trimmer kit. (You certainly wouldn't be the only one.) For the unfamiliar, Hatteker's extremely-affordable beard trimmer made it onto our list when we reviewed it this year, and GQ readers haven't been able to buy 'em fast enough ever since. It's not exactly an under the radar item, but there's something about the trimmer's price, coupled with the guarantee of quality that comes with the Hatteker name, that makes its overall value proposition tough to beat. Guess what? It's not getting any easier. Because a trimmer that started out affordable is now on sale for a measly $24. What can we say? The best beard grooming products of Amazon Prime Day 2021 might actually live up to the hype. Which means even if your day didn't start with you dreaming about electric shavers (fair enough), it should definitely end with you ordering one. 

For every other worthwhile deal we've found, head over to our massive list of the best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021.

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