How To Nail A Serious Guy: 5 Tested Strategies

As we all get older, it’s only natural to desire something stable when it comes to relationships. No one wants to get entangled in situation-ships where you have no clue what’s

going on. A guy that’s here today and not tomorrow is a bad deal that should be avoided at all costs. Notwithstanding, in order to achieve this, you need to know how to get a serious boyfriend. In other words, how to sift through the noise to attract a serious minded man.

If you’re sick and tired of attracting the wrong kind of guy, then it’s your lucky day to turn things around. We’ve curated five proven strategies on how to get a boyfriend. Mind you not just any boyfriend, but one who’s serious and reedy to settle down. While every woman is deserving of a happily ever after, it’s important to mention that wanting to settle down doesn’t mean being desperate. You should first begin with a mindset that sees your value and realize that any man who is lucky enough to have you is indeed blessed. Then, the next step is to arm yourself with these strategies to get he right man. Let’s get straight into business.

Check out 5 strategies on how to get the right man…

#1. Dress accordingly

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It is true that your looks draw people to you, however, keeping the people is a whole different ball game. Most men are definitely moved by what they see, so dress in a way that helps Mr. Serious spot you easily.

Remember to go decent and not trashy in outfits that scream desperate. This is because trashy is a sure way to turn a good guy off in seconds. To get the kind of guy you desire, you need to dress the part. Certainly, your looks should demand the attention of a guy who’s not looking for a fling but something more lasting.

#2. Visit new places

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If the places you have been visiting haven’t brought much luck, then it’s time to explore new places. No one is asking you to compromise your values just to meet guys, but there are more places in the world to meet good guys than the regular spots like clubs, restaurants, cinemas, church.

How about art shows, libraries, conferences, parks? Surely, there’re a host of places you’re yet to visit in your city. If a serious guy is what you’re targeting, then you need to be willing to enlarge your territory or better put, you need to cast your fishing net wider. Get going girls!

#3. Pick up a new hobby

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Intelligent men are naturally attracted to like-minded ladies. A woman who possesses a respectable level of intellect is any man’s dream come true. It shows your virtuousness and assures him that you’re someone he can always count on.

Not sure how to show your intellective or creative side? Occupy your time with a craft or an interest to keep you mentally activated and easy to engage with. What is that thing you love to do? Put your heart to it. Let him see that you are both responsible and industrious.

#4. Put yourself out there

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Some women wear their past experiences on their sleeves. They’ve been hurt one too many times and automatically hold back when an opportunity presents itself. Thus, they end up losing out on a really good guy. What are you really afraid of? Every failed relationship or encounter has been an opportunity to learn something new and get it right next time. It’s time to let go of your past. Put yourself out there! Meet new people and give them a chance. It will never work if you do not allow it to. There’s definitely someone out there looking for everything you are. So if you do not put yourself out there, how would you be found?

#5. Be graceful

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Men are generally attracted to confident ladies. Ladies who can hold their own in any setting. This grace starts with your carriage — how you walk, talk, act, stand, etc. In addition to this, how you view yourself is important. This is because people tend to see you as you see yourself.

If you see yourself as beautiful and confident, when you dress and act the part, people will buy into it. Let every step you take and everything you do exude grace. This will definitely attract like-minded guys. However, remember not to cross over to the “over-confident” zone as that can be a total put off.

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