20 Best Halloween Makeup Ideas For 2021

This past year, with all that went down, many didn’t go all out in celebration of Halloween. However, 2021 is looking pretty good and we are excited how many are riding

the chilly train again. If, like many, you want to go elaborate on some Halloween makeup looks, certainly you should find some inspiration here.

As people are enthusiastically heading out the door again, it’s safe to say that most of the sadness the pandemic brought about is now behind us. However, you should still stay safe by following the laid out steps. That is, if you do decide to go out for a little Halloween-themed party.

While there are several costumes to choose from — SNL shows, to your favorite Marvel character, or Kim K at the Met Gala — Halloween makeup ideas aren’t so easy to come by. That’s why we have curated this list. From the most simple to the most complex scary looks, we’ve explore this top-notch and exciting ideas to pop that costume! Plus, a series of tutorials on last-minute Halloween makeup ideas!

Check out 20 Halloween makeup ideas to match your look…

#1. Frida Kahlo

Beyoncé as Frida Kahlo

Don’t you just love it when celebrities dress up as other celebrities? The late Mexican artist is a popular Halloween go-to, and this is because of the ease it takes to pull off Frida Kahlo. All you need is a thick uni-brow, a lot of deep pink blush, and flowers in your hair. Simple yet extremely elegant. Don’t ask us? See how Queen B herself got it done! Last-minute Halloween makeup looks.

#2. Skull face

Rihanna in half skull face

A classic skull face makeup will take away the burden of a full costume, and it’s just the right amount of scare for the night. If you’re doing something like this half-faced Rihanna look, you might want to stay indoors or risk covering all that goodness with a mask.

#3. Mark up

Lady Gaga as ancient royalty

This is giving us exquisite royalty vibes. All you need is an eyeliner with a super sharp precision tip. And perhaps a steady hand. See how Lady Gaga did it here.

#4. Zombie

Kim Kardashian as a skeleton zombie

We absolutely love Kim Kardashian’s take on the classic zombie look. It will take a lot of body paint, though, but you can definitely DIY this, don’t you think?

#5. Joker

Rico Nasty as the Joker

This is one clown that can keep you tweaking. Some green hair color and a wide red lipstick smile and there, you’re now joker! Surely, Rico Nasty knows the drill!

#6. Prey

Kylie Jenner injured look by James Charles

A little fake injury here, some fake blood there, and you’re prey for the night. Who knows, you might get a little saving from a superhero.

#7. Princess Diaries

Vanessa Gyimah as Princess Jasmine

You can be a little Disney princess this Halloween, like Ghanaian makeup artiste Vanessa Gyimah’s Princess Jasmine-inspired look.

#8. Animal skin

Kandi Burruss as a fierce feline

A pro tip to achieving this is drawing a simple pattern over your skin, like distorted Cs with a dot in the middle. It doesn’t have to be anything complex.

#9. Jessica Rabbit

Ashley Graham as Jessica Rabbit

Add a little sensuality to your Halloween with bold red hair and red-lipped Jessica Rabbit. See how model Ashley Graham did it!

#10. Penny Wise

Carrie Ann Inaba as Pennywise

Our second clown has to be Penny Wise. We love TV personality Carrie Ann Inaba’s full dedication to his character here.

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