Keanu Reeves Buys ‘John Wick’ Stunt Team The Ultimate Thank You Present

Keanu Reeves is widely acknowledged to be one of the nicest actors in Hollywood.

Despite his aloof and seemingly downcast disposition, the introverted 57-year-old action movie star has built up

a reputation for being an exceedingly normal, nice dude. As Time Magazine puts it, “it’s not just Reeves’ on-screen roles that have endeared him to fans – it’s been his candid moments in real life, like securing a shuttle for his fellow passengers when a flight was cancelled or courteously giving up his seat on the subway.”

On top of that, he’s a prolific philanthropist, and has even established his own high-end custom motorcycle company, Arch Motorcycle. He’s just a cool dude – and apparently someone you really want as a colleague.

Apparently, Reeves has gone on a watch shopping spree, gifting brand-new Rolex Submariners to all the members of the John Wick: Chapter 4 stunt team, a crew affectionately known as the ‘John Wick 5’. Reeves was seen celebrating with his colleagues at a Paris restaurant following filming in Berlin, everyone clearly quite pleased with their new watches.

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Reeves even bought one for himself, and got all the watches engraved with a personal message of thanks. What a gent.

We’d just like to know how Keanu got a hold of so many Submariners. Easily one of Rolex’s most popular watches (if not the most popular), the dive watch – which saw a major update in 2020 – already has a waiting list of multiple years. And that’s just for one of the damn things! We wonder if there’s some sort of package deal Rolex offers…

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Of course, in the John Wick films, Reeves’ eponymous character doesn’t wear a Rolex but rather chooses a Carl F. Bucherer Manero AutoDate as his horological weapon of choice: an understated, dressy piece that complements John Wick’s character well.

Off-screen, Keanu’s been spotted wearing everything from a Corum Bubble GMT to an OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M and even another Rolex, the GMT-Master II ‘Coke’. He truly is a man of taste.

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