Clarifying Hair Masks - Innersense's Detox Hair Mask Removes Buildup and Residue (

Innersense Organic Beauty's Detox Hair Mask was created to kick-start the process of clearing the hair and scalp of residue and buildup. The clarifying treatment offers a deep yet gentle clean, as
it effectively clears away impurities while keeping natural oils in place.

The pre-shampoo hair detox treatment uses charcoal to go above and beyond the kind of clean that even shampoo can offer. Thanks to the power of Kaolin clay, the hair mask helps to pull impurities, remove excess oil, dirt and pollutants, all the while boosting shine, balancing pH and reducing frizz.

Knowing that many people are interested in making the switch to cleaner hair care solutions, Innersense created a product to help with the transition. As Greg Starkman, Founder of Innersense Organic Beauty, says, "When switching to natural hair products, there is often a detoxing period of about 14 days."

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