Frizz Control Balms - The Easy Does It Air Dry Balm Enhances Natural Styles Without Heat (

The Easy Does It Air Dry Balm by Alterna boasts a unique texture that's useful for enhancing natural styles without the need for heat. Suitable for most hair types, the lightweight and
frizz control balm is powered by ingredients like vegan botanical caviar, prickly pear oil, white charcoal and water lily extract, and aromatically, it shares the uplifting scents of bergamot and jasmine.

Using the hair styling balm is as easy as working the product through towel-dried hair and allowing it to air dry. As a balm, the low-maintenance hair product stands apart from mists that are meant to be used with a blow dryer to cut down on the time required for heated styling. This no-fuss option promises to boost the health of hair by reducing dependence on heat.

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