Carbon-Based Shampoo Bottles - L'Oréal is Making Plastic Bottles from Industrial Carbon Emissions (

L'Oréal is working with carbon recycling company biotech LanzaTech and fuel company Total to produce new kinds of sustainable shampoo bottles. Industrial carbon emissions are now being captured to create the cosmetic
plastic bottle of its kind, which offers an alternative to bio-plastics derived from sugarcane.

Creating the sustainable shampoo bottles is a three-step process. First, LanzaTech captures industrial carbon emissions and converts them into ethanol. Then, Total transforms the ethanol so that it can be used by L’Oréal to produce the plastic packaging.

As Jacques Playe L’Oréal Packaging & Development Director, says: "We have the ambition to use this sustainable material in our bottle of shampoo and conditioner by 2024 and we hope other companies will join us in using this breakthrough innovation."

Image Credit: L'Oréal

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