Skin-Caring Hair Collections - The Hardest Working Collection Combines Skincare & Haircare (

The Hardest Working Collection by Beau-ti-ceu-ti-cals, a new division from CURLS, taps into the increasing popularity of hybrid self-care products. Just as there are many dual-purpose makeup products that offer skincare benefits,
this collection of haircare benefits is deeply nourishing for the skin.

With minimalism in mind, the collection shares products like the Skin + Scalp + Hair Miracle Serum with collagen and niacinamide, as well as the Skin + Hair Replenishing Vitamin Cleanser with Vitamin C, aloe and allantoin. These skin-loving products boast just as many benefits for the scalp as the hair yet they help to share them in a way that's as simple as ever.

As CURLS founder Mahisha Dellinger told The Zoe Report, "When we decided to create Beau-ti-ceu-ti-cals, our goal from the very beginning was to create a brand that would be exactly the opposite of what you're used to. We realized that there were too many products and far too many steps."

Image Credit: CURLS

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