Powdered Hair Supplements - Viviscal Hair Therapy Comes in Varities Like Stress Relief & Post-Baby (TrendHunter.com)

Viviscal Hair Therapy is a new line of mix-in powdered supplements that were created to boost hair health, especially with regards to factors that are out of women's control—stress, difficulty sleeping certain
hormonal changes that can happen post-partum. Powered by nutrients, the line is designed to boost hair health and meet specific lifestyle needs.

The Stress Relief, Beauty Rest and Post-Baby products in the line are fortified by ingredients like biotin, marine collagen and a proprietary, nutrient-rich Seaweed Complex. These products contain several familiar ingredients like the adaptogenic herb ashwaganda in Stress Relief and melatonin in Beauty Rest. Each powdered packet is designed to be mixed into hot or cold beverages with ease on the go.

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