Stylish Scrunchie Collectibles - ScrunchMiez are Characters That Peek Out as Hair Accessories (

Fuzzle, Pookie and Wiggles are some of the ScrunchMiez collectibles from Moose Toys and they take the form of wearable characters that double as fashion-forward accessories. The characters peek out when twisted,
tied or clipped to hair, or sported on wrists, backpacks or other accessories.

The new collectible taps into the popularity of retro scrunchies and plush companions, and the ever-present demand for creative means of self-expression.

Within the range of collectibles, there are characters that range from rare to ultra-rare, and there are 26 for kids to discover. As well as being able to purchase single packs of ScrunchMiez, consumers will find four-packs that share colorful characters in the shape of bears, cats and more. The designs also transform, with the pull of a drawstring, into plush pets.

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