Punk High-Platform Clogs - Balenciaga Released 'HardCrocs' for its Spring/Summer 2022 Collection (TrendHunter.com)

Balenciaga has released a pair of high-platform edgy clog shoes named 'HardCrocs.' The HardCrocs feature an a matte black base with subtle chromatic silver accents and several Balenciaga logo placements. The large
platform sole of the shoe features various silver bumps that resemble screws, nuts, and bolts. The bolt-like design at the front of the sole has Balenciaga's 'BB' logo, while the other installations just have screw patterns.

The strap of the clog has the brand name in a raised engraving and the edges of the strap have a stylized white-on-black Balenciaga logo. The front and rear of the shoe have large metal plates with Balenciaga written on it. These plates have bolt-like designs on either side with the BB logo. The HardCrocs combine industrial designs and edgy color palets with chic fashion to create a unique statement piece.

The Balenciaga HardCrocs retail for $950 USD.

Image Credit: Balenciaga

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