Luxury Tech-Based Sustainable Apparel - NONIE is a Canada-Based Zero Waste Womenswear Brand (

NONIE is expanding its repertoire of sustainable staples ahead of Earth Day. The new launch features more of the brand's fully circular, zero-waste, and 100% recyclable clothing.

The planet-positive collection launch

includes fabrics with zero microplastic release, made from pre-and post-consumer materials such as airbags and rugs. Made ethically through small batch production, the launch features three items: the Oversized Classic Blouse, the Black Skinny Ankle Slit Trousers, and the Black Opera Gloves.

Founded by Nina Kharey, the brand uses patented antiviral technology to protect each garment against the spread of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19 and SARS. The technology is CDC, MIS, and EPA certified. It was developed in partnership with Meryl Technologies and tested by Doherty Insitute

Image Credit: NONIE

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