Smart Analog Timepieces - NORM Denmark's Debut Timepiece is a Smart Watch in Disguise (

NORM Denmark unveiled its first timepiece, a subtle smartwatch with a traditional analog display. With the tagline "the smartwatch that's not a smartwatch," the brand hopes to offer the convenience of a
smartwatch to fans of traditional watch displays. The watch has a full range of smart features including health monitoring, sleep tracking, text and instant messaging, and the ability to receive calls.

However, while a normal smartwatch functions like a smartphone on your wrist, this watch has a hidden OLED display behind its real analog display. This means the timepiece boasts a traditional feel while delivering modern features. The watch can be synchronized with a mobile application, available on both Android and iOS devices, in order to personalize settings, such as messaging preferences, and view statistics related to health and sleep.

Image Credit: NORM Denmark

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