Revived Swiss Dive Watches - The DOXA Army Watch Features a Ceramic Case and Oversized Orange Hands (

DOXA, a Swiss luxury watchmaker specializing in dive pieces, has announced that it is bringing back one of its most sought-after models, the DOXA Army. The sleek yet functional timepiece has been
revived and revamped thanks to an exclusive partnership between the watchmaker and retailer Watches of Switzerland.

The DOXA Army made its debut in the '60s and was designed for Swiss Army divers. Because of this, the watch featured a case coating treatment that involved an oxidation process, the result of which was a stainless steel case in a matte black finish.

Instead of its original case coating, the new limited-edition version of the timepiece comes with a black ceramic case, which achieves a similar matte-like finish. Otherwise, the new model maintains all of the original watch's main features, including a sand beige dial, checkerboard indices, and oversized orange hands.

Image Credit: DOXA

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