Disproportionate Avant-Garde Sneakers - Rick Owens Unveils New 'Clay' and 'Egret' TURBOWPN Colorways (TrendHunter.com)

Luxury fashion label Rick Owens and iconic footwear brand Converse have announced the release of two new color variations for the TURBOWPN, a futuristic sneaker model that works to reimagine the classic
Converse Weapon silhouette through DRKSHDW's signature design codes. The sleek new colorways are 'Clay' and 'Egret,' both of which feature monochromatic designs and premium cowhide leather constructions.

The TURBOWPN sneaker leverages the design of the '80s-era Converse Weapon, elevating its basketball roots through Rick Owen's experimental and luxurious aesthetic. As a result, the sneaker features proportions that are distorted and exaggerated. Most notably, the TURBOWPN's sole unit is close to twice the original model's size.

In addition, the release of the new colorways arrives in conjunction with the launch of two new Rick Owens DRKSHDW x Converse accessories.

Image Credit: Rick Owens

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