Powering Up My Skin with GRAYMELIN

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Embarking On Project Revitalization

My skin’s primary problems (when it

isn’t red from irritations) are dullness and signs of sagginess. Despite these issues, I hadn’t been enthusiastic about trying out skin care routines specifically designed to revitalize lackluster skin, as I was afraid that rich and energizing products could lead to irritations. As a result, I’ve been sticking to safe, skin-soothing ingredients like cica, green tea and aloe, and to simple formulas within minimalist routines. Thankfully, my skin has become much calmer. Dullness, roughness and sagginess continue to persist, however, as does hyperpigmentation. Is it finally time for a revitalizing boost?

GRAYMELIN’s Gentle Yet Invigorating Touch

Having heard positive things about GRAYMELIN’s science-backed and nature-based approach to skin care, I was motivated to try a skin care routine based on three of its bestselling products: Vita Yuja Cleansing Oil, Centella 50 Regeneration Natural Toner and Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate. To this line-up I also add I’m from’s nourishing yet gentle Rice Cream, which has been a fave of mine since I tried it a while back in a rice-based routine.

Going into this trial, I expected the Galactomyes Ferment Filtrate to do the heavy lifting, especially when it comes to hydration and combating aging. But I also had high hopes for the cleansing oil with brightening and skin-nourishing properties courtesy of its high yuja content, and the cica-rich toner designed to soothe skin while smoothing wrinkles. Simple yet potent, these products add up to an anti-aging boost suitable for sensitive skin. In short, this skin care routine is exactly what I need.

Read on to see if it’s instant love between my skin and this trio of products!

1. Vita Yuja Cleansing Oil

The product: Formulated with yuja, ginseng and ginger extracts, this lightweight cleansing oil chock-full of Vitamin C and B thoroughly lifts stubborn makeup residue, sebum and dirt from skin while giving it a brightening and hydrating boost.

Star ingredients: : 1,000 ppm of citrus junos fruit extract, panax ginseng root extract, ginger root extract, Scot’s pine root extract, grapefruit extract, orange fruit extract, butylene glycol

My take: My skin loved the gentle yet highly efficacious formula, which removed even the most stubborn traces of waterproof eye makeup while leaving a silky finish. My pores also looked a tad smaller, due to all the gunk that were cleared away. Although the cleansing oil left a slightly oily film on my face immediately after cleansing, this effect dissipated in no time. The citrusy scent, which was refreshing rather than overpowering, was a plus, as was the jumbo-sized packaging.

Overall, pairing the cleansing oil with Dear, Klairs’s Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser was an improvement on my previous routine, which consisted of a micellar water eye makeup remover (ettusais’s Speedy Eye Make Off) and cleansing balm (VDL’s Naked Cleansing Oil Cream). The new routine cleared away dirt and impurities without tugging at my skin, whereas removing stubborn eye makeup under my previous routine required some effort.

The only downside to this high-performance cleanser is that the brightening effects were less pronounced than promised. I could live with this, though – after all, it’s unrealistic to rely on cleansers for dramatic skin care benefits!

2. Centella 50 Regeneration Natural Toner

The product: Coming in a watery formulation with a pale blue tinge, this toner is charged with 50% cica to soothe skin as well as a brew of plant extracts to restore skin to vitality. Adenosine rounds up the ingredient list to smooth wrinkles.

Star ingredients: Cica extract, tea tree leaf water, heartleaf extract, calendula flower extract, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, sunflower seed oil

My take: I went for this toner in the hope that good ol’ cica would provide a calming touch in a relatively invigorating routine. I was not disappointed, as this product came in a fresh and soothing texture, and was exceedingly gentle on my sensitive skin. The unscented formula is another bonus.

Although the results were steadily impressive rather than spectacular, my skin achieved a softer, more refreshed look as the week progressed, no doubt due to the toner’s hydrating properties. On the formula’s ability to smooth and firm skin in the long run, however, I wasn’t entirely sold. My skin still showed signs of sagginess and roughness at the end of the trial, which is understandable considering the toner isn’t designed to provide anti-aging care.

3. Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate

The product: Unlike many other galactomyces-based products, this potent serum contains only one major ingredient: galactomyces ferment filtrate. Derived from fermented sake and chock-full of yeast peptides, amino acids, enzyme proteins and Vitamins B1 and B2, galactomyces has long been touted as the key to revitalizing aging and lacklustre skin.

Star ingredients: Galactomyces ferment filtrate (99%)

My take: The lightweight, watery texture absorbed easily into skin, providing a burst of hydration that was immediately felt, resulting in a dewy and more plumped-up appearance. Encouraged by the results, I used this formula religiously over the duration of the trial. While it didn’t quite deliver the fabled glow, there were encouraging improvements in my skin, including a clearer and healthier-looking appearance and less oiliness. The serum also minimized my pores. Above all, the formula felt comfortable on my skin, causing no irritation whatsoever despite its potency.

I’m not sure this product alone can effectively combat aging, as my skin concerns like a lack of elasticity, uneven skin tone and patches of hyperpigmentation remain despite a promising start on this trial. However, I don’t doubt that this serum has helped slow down my skin quality’s downward trajectory. As for those longed-for brightening benefits, I believe more targeted measures, such as gentle exfoliation, are called for to achieve more obvious radiance.

Final Verdict:

Of the three products, the one I was most eager to try was Galactomyes Ferment Filtrate, and on this front I wasn’t disappointed. The serum was quick-absorbing, non-irritating and quietly efficacious, especially in terms of hydration. Vita Yuja Cleansing Oil was another solid performer, providing improvements to my current cleansing regimen. And while I am agnostic towards Centella 50 Regeneration Natural Toner, which was satisfactory rather than game-changing, it left my skin calm and hydrated. All in all, these GRAYMELIN formulas are worth a try if you’re looking to kick-start your skin care routine in a more energizing direction with products that won’t aggravate skin.

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