The 5 Most Stylish Travel Destinations of 2021, Period

Where are my vaccinated travel lovers at? Although we still have to exercise caution and listen to all official travel guidelines, many people are safely getting reacquainted with their love for travel

10 Cute Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Concert

Whether you’re going out to a small venue or an arena tour is more your speed, we’ve got the concert outfit for you. After all, when it comes to concerts, a genre-appropriate look

The "Ugly" Shoe Trend You Love to Hate Will Pick Up Steam in 2021

As the fashion crowd continues to give the side-eye to antiquated fashion rules, “ugly” trends continue to blossom. These days, it’s really about wearing what makes you feel comfortable (which may

People Don't Believe My Mom Is 73—Here Are 11 Anti-Aging Serums She Uses

As my mom told me over the phone, Youn connected the dots for her when he said the most important thing we can do for our skin is to eat a

Skin Tints Are Trending Right Now, and These 11 Are the Best

Best Skin Tints: Claire Most



Way more lightweight than your classic foundation, a skin tint is exactly what you'd expect—a low-maintenance,

I Just Got Back From L.A.—These Are the Trends I Saw Most Out and About

I recently traveled to Los Angeles for work. With my role as a fashion editor, I basically spent the bulk of my time working on various style projects and writing and

I Look at Nordstrom Every Single Day—These Are the Best Fall Pieces to Order

It may sound like a bit of an exaggeration to say that I look at Nordstrom every day, but when you're a fashion editor, it's actually quite normal. Who else is going

My 61-Year-Old Mom Just Bought These 6 Items Because I Said I Like Them Too

My mother recently messaged me that she bought a few items I recommended in various stories. One of the exact texts in reference to an outerwear piece? "Look what I just

They're Here: The 9 Trends That Will Define Street Style This Fall

The "fashion suit" isn't exactly a brand-new trend, but believe me, suiting is about to be one of (if not the) most important silhouettes of the coming season, and probably the year if we're being honest

The Sex and the City Reboot Is Officially Filming—See Carrie's 2021 Shoe Trends

I don't know about you, but I spent last night watching the first episode of the new Gossip Girl reboot. Now, we have yet another revival to look forward to because

Digital Influencer and Entrepreneur Chriselle Lim on Her Next Chapter With Bümo

It's hard to imagine a world without digital creators, but there was a time when a few digital influencers were paving the way for the future of the industry. At the

The Chicest Fall Nail Colors That Aren't Burgundy, Black, or Navy

Don't get us wrong—we'll protect (and continue to wear) our collection of signature autumn nail colors for the rest of our days. Brooding cult-classic shades of burgundy, purple, navy, and rich


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