Retro Metro: 1960s Eye Makeup

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The 1960s paved the way for modernity in the beauty and fashion world. The nipped-in waist and full-skirted silhouettes that graced catalogs were replaced by sleek figures, psychedelic prints and bold colors. Perhaps the most iconic staple of the 60s was Twiggy’s eye makeup. Nothing in the eye region was spared: aqua blue eye shadow and winged eyeliner on the top and bottom eyelids, paired with voluminous falsies. Face makeup was kept simple to draw all eyes to, well, the eyes.

These mod makeup trends have resurfaced onscreen and on the red carpet. From Lily Collins at the 2019 Met Gala to Maddy Perez in the TV series Euphoria, daring eye makeup is all the craze in the new roaring 20s. While these looks may seem intimidating to pull off, here are three basic eye makeup ideas from the 1960s and how to master them.

One of the most iconic features of 1960s makeup is the mod cut crease. While today’s smoky eye look emphasizes the crease by dusting a darker eye shadow shade and blending it with a light base color, the cut crease abandons blending altogether. Instead, a dark arch is drawn over the crease to emphasize the depth of the eyes.

For a classic cut crease, identify your crease which should be the arch along your eye socket. Dust a light base color on your eyelids until you reach the crease. Then, use a black liquid eyeliner, such as T.S.W’s Pen Eye Liner, and carve an arch from the inner corner of the eye, along the crease, to the outer corner of the eye. Gradually apply pressure so the line becomes thicker towards the outer corner. Apply a small amount of the previous base eye shadow on the brow bone to further emphasize the line.

For a subtler, toned-down look, swap out the liquid eyeliner for a pencil eyeliner, such as MACQUEEN’s The Big Waterproof Gel Liner whose pigments are easy to blend. Opt for a brown pencil eyeliner and lightly smudge it until you’re comfortable with the line’s definition.

The 60s look wouldn’t be complete without the signature blue eye shadow. This controversial eye shadow color has been met with both fear and welcome arms. Today, it’s more welcomed than feared. While bold colors are usually a gamble, they go a long way when correctly utilized.

For a simple eye shadow-centric look, pick a vibrant shade and blend it all over your eyelid. Feel free to create a gradient look by blending it out near the outer corners of the eyes. Top it off with some volumizing mascara!

To emphasize a cut crease, opt for a pastel shade, such as baby blue or lilac. Kanebo’s Media Grade Color Eyeshadow offers a wide range of colors, from light dusty shades to bold pigments, for a myriad of 1960s eye shadow looks!

If you look through the photos of models and actresses in the 1960s, long and dramatic lashes were a centerpiece for makeup. Whether natural, falsies or drawn on, doll lashes spice up any look for a dash of adventure.

To recreate this look, coat your top and bottom lashes with a lengthening or volumizing mascara to flaunt what you already have! romand’s Han All Fix Mascara ensures that lashes stay curled all day, while HOLIKA HOLIKA’s Magic Pole Mascara 2X thickens and lengthens every lash without weighing them down.

For special occasions, amp up your look with some false eyelashes, such as Lactacia’s False Eyelashes. If you want to go all out, use a liquid eyeliner to draw eight to ten fake lashes under your bottom lash line.

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