The Chick Flick to Binge Based on Your Sign (Part One)

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It’s a beautiful summer’s day, and you have nothing planned. Then comes a

sudden craving for chick flicks and rom-coms and the next minute, you’re already sinking into your couch, scarfing down microwave popcorn while laugh-crying to a soundtrack of cheesy love songs.

Not everyone is huge on chick flicks, but there’s something uniquely wonderful and cathartic about watching these romantic comedies. Tired of endlessly browsing Netflix? Don’t feel like watching that one DVD you have? Then you’re in for a treat. Selected with your astral qualities in mind, these movies will hopefully not only lighten up your evening and inspire wardrobe choices, but also leave you with a life lesson or two (minus the highly predictable plot lines and endings).

Virgo x One Day (2011)

Less of a comedy and more of a soulful romance, One Day follows Emma and Dexter’s stories in the span of 20 years as they meet once a year to catch up. The pacing may be a little slow, but that’s just perfect for Virgos who want to savor the beauty of each scene. Looking for style inspo? Emma’s wardrobe transformations are something to focus on. Starting off as an idealistic college graduate, Emma slowly matures into a refined woman in the movie. Likewise, her outfits go through the same metamorphosis as we see her love for muted florals gradually replaced by vivid counterparts, and then sultry dresses, tailored pencil skirts and chic 50s-inspired frocks.

Libra x Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018)

This jukebox musical rom-com with an all-star ensemble cast is a bundle of joy – many Librans will find themselves happily singing, dancing, laughing and even helplessly crying along! The film jumps back and forth between the late 70s and present-day to retell the adventures of Donna and Sophie, along with their lovable acquaintances and charming love interests. There’s always time for musicals if they’re your thing. Get seated and enjoy a feast of picturesque ocean views and rustic island charm, complete with a plethora of hippie and boho outfits!

Scorpio x Indecent Proposal (1993)

Intense and sensuous, Indecent Proposal sees a young married couple blowing their last dime in Vegas in hopes of winning back their house. While there, the wife (played by Demi Moore) catches the eye of a handsome billionaire, who then proposes a deal with the couple in exchange for a night with her. Sounds like a film that Scorpios will be interested in? If that’s not convincing enough, the themes of trust and intimacy are right down Scorpio Street. Americana-esque white blouses and denim hot pants, floral numbers, statement jackets and, of course, the iconic Mugler cocktail dress are all tantalizing looks to rock, especially when modeled by a fellow bombshell Scorpio.

Sagittarius x Just One of the Guys (1985)

There’s always a special place in Sagittarians’ hearts for a teen movie, especially if it’s a controversial yet fun piece from the 80s that tackles sexism, gender roles and feminism. Joyce Hyser plays Terri, a popular high schooler who aspires to become a journalist, but is challenged by the men around her who fail to take her abilities and ambitions seriously. To prove herself, Terri enrolls in a rival school as a boy and the adventures unfold with plenty of laughs, cheekiness and OMG moments. This is a movie that Sagittarians will undoubtedly enjoy, especially as they find themselves resonating with the lead’s “girls-can-do-it” philosophy. Hyser carries sexy, tomboy and gender-fluid looks so effortlessly, it might even tempt Sagittarians to opt for a kick-ass pixie cut.

Capricorn x Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Based on the classic Jane Austen novel, Pride & Prejudice is set in England’s Regency era, and explores the role of women in marriage and social classes, all through the perspective of Elizabeth “Lizzy” Bennet, played by the stunning Keira Knightley. Filled with witty romantic tension between Lizzy and Mr. Darcy, this is the perfect movie for any Capricorn. Lizzy’s costumes are surprisingly wearable – simple, understated but elegant, in a palette of luscious earth tones. Honestly, if a Capricorn wants to rock an empire-cut maxi while running errands, they will rock it.

Aquarius x Legally Blonde (2001)

Legally Blonde stars Reese Witherspoon as SoCal sorority girl Elle Woods, who enrolls in Harvard Law School in order to win back her high school sweetheart. Despite being alienated by her peers, Elle Woods maintains an optimistic approach to prove her worth throughout the movie, all while clad in pink and glitter. Aquarians are a unique bunch who stay true to themselves and don’t conform to others’ expectations – sounds familiar, right? Aquarians will undoubtedly be rooting for the heroine as she earns the respect of her peers with solid results. On top of that, Elle’s style can be a bit of a sensory overload, but nothing’s stopping bold Aquarians from owning the look!


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