Treating My Eye Areas With MIZON’s Eye Gel Patches

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As someone who indulges in binge-watching Netflix shows, mostly back-to-back, my eyes tend to feel tired after a while. While I do get sufficient sleep every night, I still rely on skin care products to help keep the skin around my eyes healthy.

Besides using eye cream to keep my eyes nourished, I incorporate eye gel patches into my daily routine. The Pure Pearl Eye Gel Patch and Black Pearl Eye Gel Patch from Korean skin care brand MIZON caught my attention as they seemed perfect for what I was looking for. Keep reading for my thoughts on each one:

MIZON Pure Pearl Eye Gel Patch

Main ingredients: White flower complex, allantoin, tocopherol and ceratonia siliqua (carob) fruit

What it claims to do: Brightens the under eye areas

My experience: Ever since I started staying home more due to the pandemic, I’ve been glued to my phone, my laptop or my TV. Unfortunately, the high amount of screen time has resulted in dark circles under my eyes. Loaded with white flower complex, the Pure Pearl Eye Gel Patches offer brightening effects so I’ve been using it a few times a week to improve the appearance of my dark circles. So far, I’m loving the results.

I usually apply these eye gel patches during my daytime routine and my eyes always look instantly brighter after using them. Aside from its eye-brightening benefits, the Pure Pearl Eye Gel Patches also soothe and moisturize the skin around the eyes, thanks to its formula containing allantoin and tocopherol. After leaving them on for about 20 minutes, my under eye areas look softer and nourished.

On days when I don’t get enough shut-eye, I also notice a bit of puffiness. Luckily, I can easily treat that with these eye gel patches!

MIZON Black Pearl Eye Gel Patch

Main ingredients: Blackberry complex, allantoin, tocopherol and vitamin C

What it claims to do: Provides anti-aging benefits to the under eye areas

My Experience: Since the skin around our eyes is thinner and very delicate, it’s more vulnerable to aging. I’d like to keep my eyes looking young and healthy for as long as possible, so I use preventative skincare.

The Black Pearl Eye Gel Patches are formulated with black pearl and diamond to promote radiance, as well as charcoal extract and blackberry complex, which are packed with antioxidants, to protect the skin from free radical damage.

I prefer using these eye gel patches in my evening routine since they boast anti-aging effects. My under eye areas always look and feel supple everytime I use them. I haven’t noticed any fine lines around my eyes just yet but I’m hoping that by using these eye gel patches consistently, they can be prevented!

My Final Thoughts

To me, using eye gel patches is like using sheet masks. They’re such a nice treat for your skin. Overall, I really enjoyed incorporating both eye gel patches into my daily skin care routine, especially because they adhere to my skin really well and don’t slide off like most eye gel patches I’ve tried before.

If you suffer from dark circles or puffiness, I highly recommend trying the Pure Pearl Eye Gel Patches. For those who want to prevent fine lines and keep the skin around your eyes firm, go for the Black Pearl Eye Gel Patches.

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