90s Dreamgirl Looks from EDWARD SCISSORHANDS

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At first glance the quintessential girl next door, Kim from Tim Burton’s 1990 fable Edward Scissorhands defies convention to fall for the gentle

monster at the heart of the story. From her initial fear of Edward to her passionate defense of him by the movie’s end, Kim is the rare cinematic heroine who’s pretty and popular without being mean or air-headed. Her style, which mixes good girl vibes and 80s energy with unapologetic romance, embraces drama without being over-the-top – a seamless fit for the “weird suburbia” the movie is set in. Brimming with candy-colored pieces in sassy cuts, her key looks juxtapose perfectly against Edward’s industrial-goth uniforms and perennially punkish appeal.

Rendered in delicious shades that vibe with Burton’s technicolor universe, Kim’s everyday outfits run the gamut from varsity sweaters and preppy shirts to flared minis, jumper dresses, puff-sleeve crop tops and even “grandma chic” floral blouses. Never straying far from her girl-next-door persona while occasionally venturing into more daring territory with a bold pattern or a flirtatious hemline, her wardrobe is retro teen fashion with a twist – combining the monochrome trend of the late 80s with the street-style-infused vibes of early 90s wear. Her most memorable outfit, however, is undoubtedly the ivory satin gown she dons in the movie’s final scenes. Equal parts vintage prom dress, ballet costume and wedding gown, this iconic piece comes in an off-shoulder, button-up design that pairs full tulle skirts with a prominent buckle embellishment at the collar. Famously splattered with blood in a pivotal scene, it seals Kim’s status as both suburban sweetheart and Gothic movie heroine.

Here, I break down Kim’s evolving style into several key elements. From preppy overtones to gothic undertones, frills and ruffles to laidback chic, this YesStyle-inspired update has got you covered!

All film stills taken from Edwards Scissorhands

1. Varsity Chic

Kim’s wardrobe, especially at the beginning of the movie, radiates distinctive cheerleader vibes with a bright, bold twist. Her marigold varsity-style sweater, paired with a pleated mini and chunky sneakers, positions her as a regular girl – but in an alternative suburbia. I’ve tapped into her teen girl energy by pairing a pleated, pale yellow mini with this loose-fit yellow sweater with a charmingly distressed hem. Extend the preppy schoolgirl vibes with teal crew socks featuring contrasting yellow trim, and seal the deal with these on-trend white sneakers splashed with pops of forest green.

2. Nonconformist Girl Next Door

This look stays true to Kim’s sweet, sunny girl-next-door style while infusing it with a little 90s grunge appeal and of-the-moment hipster chic. I’ve selected a vintage-style floral shirt to layer underneath a denim jumper dress in a pale blue wash. The shirt, with its puff sleeves, romantic print and demure collar, has more than a touch of “grandma chic” but still remains girlish to the core. The jumper dress, meanwhile, nods to Kim’s neon orange version while going the grungier, tougher-edged route.

Strike the perfect balance between spiky and sweet with a swipe of Peach C’s Easy Matte Lipstick in Spring Coral, a close match to Kim’s favorite lip color. Further accessorize with a silver-toned necklace starring an edgy heartbeat charm – a worthy substitute for Kim’s golden heart-shaped pendant.

3. Super Saturated Colors

Edward Scissorhands takes place in a world of eye-popping colors, from the green of the topiaries and the white of the picket fences to the exact shade of someone’s henna job. Kim’s costumes are no exception. Her penchant for white is offset by an equal love for bright colors such as coral, turquoise and marigold.

Here are four pieces that are the sartorial equivalent of an adrenaline rush! The mint green button-up top with black contrast trim radiates casual elegance and pairs well with anything from denim shorts to flared minis. The breezy mustard-yellow playsuit with a mock-wrap-front design, meanwhile, drips with sophistication and sass. For monochrome appeal, this peacock blue combo featuring a loose-fit blouse embellished with flower embroidery and a straight-cut mini is the perfect wardrobe solution. To amp up sex appeal, go for this lilac crop top with hints of tie-dye – a perfect homage to the summer of 1990.

4. Gothic Undertones and Bridal Vibes

White gets a rep for being sweet and virginal, but in fact, it’s one of the boldest colors in the palette. I’ve selected four pieces that live up to the grandeur, vintage energy and romantic overtones of Kim’s iconic white dress. If you’re feeling bold, indulge in this off-shoulder top with a corseted waist and plenty of ruffles. For a slightly less theatrical entrance, this cropped, puff-sleeve lacy version with a sweetheart collar will still give your look an instant makeover. For a bit of everyday romance, emulate Kim’s tutu-esque skirts with a tulle midi skirt in beige. And when nothing less than full drama will do, this spaghetti strap midi dress with a ruched bodice will do the trick!

Some Kinda (Gothic) Fairytale

In the movie’s world, the monster with scissors for hands turns out to be far from monstrous – just cripplingly shy and in need of a good hug. Meanwhile, the girl next door proves that she’s no sweet, docile supporting character after all. An ode to the misunderstood everywhere, Edward Scissorhands dares to suggest that true love can blossom in the unlikeliest places. To pay homage to its nonconformist spirit, indulge in the weird and wonderful today by introducing a little edge to your daily ensemble – whether it’s Burton-esque touches of gothic Victoriana, a full-on 80s getup or simply an unexpectedly bold color!


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