CHASIN’ RABBITS: A Feel-Good Vegan 5-Step Routine

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I’ve been eyeing cruelty-free Korean beauty brandCHASIN’ RABBITS since it launched at YesStyle this autumn. CHASIN’ RABBITS takes sustainability and veganism seriously, as reflected in the brand’s clean beauty formulations, which arrive in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging to reduce its carbon footprint. With a “chase for the better” slogan, the brand’s products promote wellness and encourage customers to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Aside from the eye-catching psychedelic packaging and quirky product names, what also caught my attention is that all its products are cruelty-free and toxin-free. With a handful of skin care products from CHASIN’ RABBITS currently available at YesStyle, I curated a 5-step routine, including a cleanser, essence, gel, cream moisturizer and sunscreen, to kick-start my post-summer-to-fall skin care regimen.

Mindful Bubble Cleanse

What is it? A mildly acidic all-purpose foaming cleanser that lifts dirt and purifies pores gently. Formulated with activated charcoal powder and bamboo water, this face and body wash is designed to absorb excess sebum and replenish skin with moisture, leaving skin clean and revitalized.

In detail:

Housed in a slim 200ml bottle made of material manufactured with lower CO2 emission, the cleanser comes in a thick, ink black liquid with micro bubbles. I’m so used to white or clear cleansers that I was taken aback when I first saw the Mindful Bubble Cleanse’s dark solution.

When dispensed, the color looks more like a translucent gray. The scent is interesting yet calming − it was hard to identify the smells but I gathered a subtle mix of scents from the charcoal and bamboo water in the formula.

As a face cleanser, one squeeze was usually enough to cover my entire face. The cleanser bubbled up quickly, offering a silky touch as I massaged it on skin. So far, I’ve been using it morning and night for a month, and I’ve only gone through about a third of the bottle.


Magic Beauty Shroom

What is it? A toner-essence hybrid enriched with 100% tremella mushroom extract to rejuvenate and restore glow in dull skin. Tremella mushrooms, a.k.a snow fungus, are naturally rich in Vitamin D, beta-glucan and antioxidants, providing skin with ample nourishment and hydration. This ingredient has intense hyaluronic acid-like hydrating powers.

In detail:

Coming in the same bottle design as the cleanser, the Magic Beauty Shroom essence boasts a clear and colorless texture. It seemed scentless when I was applying it on skin, but the formula has a mild grassy scent that’s detectable if you sniff directly from the bottle. No water was added into its formulation, and yet the product boasts a watery-light texture that leaves a refreshing, moisturized finish on skin. Since this is a toner-essence hybrid product, I incorporated it as a double-toning step, applying with a cotton pad the first time and then my hands the second time.

Aloe U Vera Much Soothing Gel

What is it? Packed with 93% aloe vera leaf extract, five types of hyaluronic acid and centella extract, this formula is designed to instantly calm and moisturize skin. The multi-purpose soothing gel absorbs quickly into skin, and it can be used as a sleeping mask, after shave and hair styling gel.

In detail:

When the gel completely dried and absorbed into skin, the area felt smooth and soft.

I used it as a body lotion, sleeping mask and sometimes a day moisturizer for whenever my skin felt sensitive and dry. The soothing gel didn’t have fancy effects, but it always left my skin feeling hydrated and fresh.

Green Golden Ruler

What is it? A moisturizer infused with hemp seed oil, probiotics, green tea water and five kinds of hyaluronates to deeply hydrate, soothe irritation, smooth fine lines and protect skin from external aggressors. The formula also balances skin’s oil-water levels.

In detail:

The Green Golder Ruler cream boasts a smooth yogurt-like consistency that spreads like melted butter on skin, leaving a dewy shine. When fully absorbed, it leaves a soft and glowy finish. Its subtle aroma reminds me of sweet melons.

One scoop of cream with the included mini spatula was plenty enough to cover my entire face. During the trial, I mainly used it as a night cream for deep hydration and nourishment, and it kept my skin soft even the morning after. I also used the Green Golder Ruler as a moisturizer before makeup.

G’day Mate Sunscreen

What is it? An ocean-friendly and dolphin-friendly mineral sunscreen fitted with a broad-spectrum protection of SPF 50+ PA++++ to shield skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals. Fermented Inca inchi oil in the formula boosts its blendability, so the product has a non-sticky texture with minimal white cast. The dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic formula is safe to use even around the delicate eye areas.

In detail:

Packaged in a biodegradable squeeze-type tube made of sugarcane, the sunscreen comes in an off-white, thick-ish texture that reminds me of acrylic paint. There isn’t much scent to it, but some patience is required when applying on skin.At first, the sunscreen leaves a visible white cast, which become less noticeable as the formula is spread out more thinly and evenly on skin.

Like most mineral sunscreens, it leaves a slightly sticky finish though it’s not unbearable. After more frequent use, I realized the best way to use this sunscreen is by taking a small amount at a time, and applying it section by section on the body. I initially made the mistake of dispensing a big dollop and applying it in one go all over my face and neck, which was more challenging to blend onto skin. It’s also best to apply this sunscreen after the moisturizer step in your skin care routine and before the moisturizer has completely dried. The remaining moisture eases the blending of the G’day Mate Sunscreen on skin.

The Verdict

I only realized that the Mindful Bubble Cleanse is an all-purpose cleanser near the end of my trial, so I eventually tried it once as a body wash.The cleanser worked just like a shower gel! I can see myself bringing it to a sleepover or a camping trip to save space in my luggage.

I’ve tried skin care products with beta-glucan before, but none generated the kind of refreshing finish that Magic Beauty Shroom essence offers. Though I’ve yet to notice drastic anti-aging benefits, the hydrating effects of this hybrid toner are impeccable. I can see it staying in my skin care routine even in winter.

From its intriguing blend of ingredients to its yogurty texture, there were a lot of things I liked about the Green Golden Ruler. Again, I haven’t noticed dramatic anti-aging effects after using this cream, but the formula proved its nourishing powers as a night cream. It’s also refreshing enough to double as a daytime moisturizer.

At first, I was reluctant to use the Aloe U Vera Much Soothing Gel. I’ve never been a big fan of aloe gels, as all the ones I’ve tried left a sticky after-feel. I was pleasantly surprised to find this version didn’t leave an icky feeling. CHASIN’ RABBITS’ soothing gel was also hydrating enough to smooth my dry and cracked heels.

For the G’day Mate Sunscreen, I was worried that the white cast would look horrendous on my face, but it wasn’t that bad once I applied and blended it on my skin properly. The finish even looked like a subtle tone-up! I’m lazy when it comes to putting on sunscreen, so I’d developed a bad habit of just slathering on the product without checking if it’s blended properly on skin. After using this sun care product, I corrected that habit. The G’day Mate Sunscreen isn’t the easiest to use for my rushed mornings, but it’s a small price to pay for sun protection that won’t harm the environment.

Overall, I’m impressed with these CHASIN’ RABBITS’s products and can see them catering for most skin types. I appreciate the versatility of the Mindful Bubble Cleanser,and the unique blend of hemp seed oil, matcha and probiotics in the Green Golden Ruler cream, which hydrated my skin. The Aloe U Vera Much Soothing Gel‘s refreshing texture also changed my preconceptions of aloe gels – it turns out they don’t always leave a sticky after-feel. I honestly wished I started using these products during summer!

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