Recreating Every Outfit from IU’s “Strawberry Moon”

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Immediately after its release at midnight on October 19, IU’s latest digital single Strawberry Moon debuted on the top of the daily and real-time K-pop music charts. By October 23, the song had achieved a perfect all-kill on the charts. Seven months after the success of her fifth studio album Lilac,Strawberry Moon is the K-pop singer’s third single of the year to achieve this feat. According to a description on Melon, IU originally conceived the song as an easy listening acoustic guitar track, but the addition of producer Lee Jong-hoon’s piano melody and D bridge transformed it into a pop-rock tune with dreamy synth sounds. The song’s lyrics compare once-in-a-lifetime moments of falling in love to a fantastical strawberry-colored moon.

The Strawberry Moon MV is similarly whimsical, showcasing a relationship’s sweet everyday moments while also depicting the boundless, dizzying inner feelings through scenes set against a pink-and-purple-colored outer space. IU’s wardrobe presents the same duality, comprising of both effortless ensembles and glamorous get-ups. Read on for plenty of Korean fashion inspo for chill-at-home hangouts, fancy dinner dates and everything in between!

Outfit #1

The Strawberry Moon music video starts in IU’s lilac-colored house. Its striking interior features jewel-toned color-blocking contrasted against geometric and floral prints, exuding a retro-kitschy air.

In contrast, IU’s garb is soft and cozy. A white T-shirt dress with a mesh panel peeks out from underneath a sleeveless pink floral mini dress. On top, she layers an oversized rose applique cardigan for a romantic yet comforting vibe. A two-tone knit beanie, fuzzy pink platform slippers and strawberry-accented white socks further the warmth of the outfit. For jewelry, IU has on delicate silver-toned heart dangle earrings. She also searches high and low for a magical pink locket necklace that eventually transports her back to a whirlwind romance from her youth.

IU chooses warm pieces suitable for fall but gives them a twist by going for pink and floral – which are usually reserved for spring − in order to reflect the colors of the titular strawberry moon. With its slouchy silhouette, soft textures and use of layering, her apparel serves as a guide to looking cute yet relaxed at home.

Outfit #2

While sitting on planet Earth with her love interest and enjoying strawberry ice cream scooped straight from the pink moon, IU is clad in a much dressier ensemble. Her glittery black off-shoulder mini dress comes with a puffy, mesh-trimmed skirt. A pair of sleek point-toe lace-up heeled black booties balances the drama of the dress. She adds understated elegance with pearlescent fan-shaped earrings and a matching necklace.

Outfit #3

A more laid-back take on at-home style, IU and her boyfriend are clothed in varsity-style couple pajamas as they take Polaroid selfies and play video games. IU’s set is made up of a gray “COLLEGE” lettering tee and matching shorts. Her hair is held back with a fuzzy pink hair claw that echoes the fuzzy pink slippers of her first outfit. She spices up the casual attire with layered gold hoop earrings.

Outfit #4

While on a movie date (complete with paper 3D glasses), IU sports a color-blocked tie-neck dress adorned with faux pearls and sequins. Yellow floral earrings with pearl centerpieces highlight the yellow panels on her dress and give off a sunny, vibrant energy.

Outfit #5

IU cruises through the skies in a purple convertible while donning a fringed purple sweater and rhinestone butterfly earrings that mirror her free-spirited state of mind.

Outfit #6

In a flashback moment to when IU received the locket necklace from her beau, she is shown wearing a red top with a white heart print and an oversized off-white cable-knit cardigan. She embellishes the look with twisted gold-tone hoop earrings and an intricate yellow wirework hair claw.

This scene takes place in IU’s house, but it’s almost unrecognizable compared to how it looks in the MV’s opening scene. The space is packed with flowers, representing a love in full bloom. The heart print on her red top also drives the message home.

Outfit #7

The music video closes with a romantic reunion under the strawberry moon. Dressed in a long-sleeve white button-up with a red bow accent and a flared knee-length red skirt, IU walks up the steps to meet her lover for the first time in many years, handing him the locket as they interlace fingers. Red block heels and dainty pearl drop earrings are the perfect finishing touches to this mature, ladylike get-up. Grounded in wine red, the opulent outfit brings to mind IU’s vintage luxe looks from the Korean drama Hotel del Luna, particularly since the show’s iconic teaser image also depicts Jang Man-wol and Gu Chan-sung in front of a moon.

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