Reviewing eclair’s Skin Moisture Analyzer with Nano-Mist Generator

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After trying out kefii’s LULU Deepclean Brush with my fellow editors, I became really interested in trying out more skin care devices. My interest was piqued by eclair’s skin moisture analyzer with a built-in nano-mist generator. I’m a big fan of multi-functional products and mists, so I felt like this skin care tool was made just for me.

eclair skin analyzer and mist review

The Skin Moisture Analyzer with Nano-Mist Generator kit includes a USB charger, plastic container and a zip-up pouch.

The ECLAIR APP and Skin Moisture Analyzer

eclair skin analyzer and mist revieweclair skin analyzer and mist review

Without the eclair app, you can’t use the skin moisture analyzer as it doesn’t have a screen to display its findings, unlike most skin analyzers. I don’t really mind this aspect since my phone is basically an extension of my arm at this point and I’m never without it. The app is available in both Google Play and the App Store. It’s the same app that fellow editor Zoe used when she tried eclair’s LED Therapy mask.

eclair skin analyzer and mist app

To use: Connect the analyzer to your phone through Bluetooth. Choose which area of your face you want to measure. Gently place the two small metal knobs at the bottom of the device on your skin and wait for it to beep loudly or for the light to turn green. Lift the analyzer and do it again for a total of three times. The device measures the moisture and oil levels of your skin.

Understanding what your skin needs isimportant but can be really hard. I’ve been making educated guesses, but aftertesting out different parts of my skin, I realized that I don’t know 100%. I’vealways had oily skin and only truly fluctuate to combination during really drywinters. This skin analyzer gave me a clearer understanding and informed methat I had to moisturize my chin area because it was oily and dry at the sametime.

Nano-Mist Generator

eclair skin analyzer and mist revieweclair skin analyzer and mist review

eclair wasn’t kidding when they named this a nano-mist generator. The mist is incredibly fine and covers my skin with a light layer of toner that is quickly absorbed. To refill the mist, simply fill the plastic bottle with your favorite toner or even water and pour it into the back of the device. This is a great way to gently deliver moisture to your skin.

To use: Slide the cover down and the misting will automatically start. It also automatically stops after 30 seconds. This was honestly not enough for me, so I had to activate the misting multiple times until I was satisfied.

One thing to note when choosing a toner for this mister is its consistency. The toner needs to be extremely watery for it to work. Otherwise, it will just dribble down. Luckily for me, I do prefer using lightweight, watery toners.

Final Verdict

I adore anything that is multi-tasking, so I definitely enjoyed this skin analyzer and mister. The fact that I can use my favorite toner with it is a major bonus. Its compact size makes it a perfect on-the-go mist to give skin that light spritz. It provided my oily skin with ample hydration, but I don’t think it would be sufficient for those with super dry skin.

If you’re a skin care beginner, I would recommend this device as it helps you understand what your skin needs. The app records your skin’s moisture and oil levels, so it’s a great way to keep track of your skin care journey as well!

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