Small Talk: daymellow’s All-Round Powder

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K-Beauty brand daymellow is a relatively new brand at YesStyle and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on its products! This time, we tried daymellow’s All-Round Powder, a multifunctional powder that can be mixed with water to be used as a toner or hair mist, or mixed with serum, body wash, lotion or soothing gel to boost the other product’s functions. It can also be mixed with toner and poured onto cotton pads to use as mini mask packs. The content is released by pressing a button at the bottom.

The powder is available in four types:

#01 Vita C: contains Vitamin C, glutathione, pearl powder and niacinamide to brighten complexion
#02 Cica:contains centella, licorice, panthenol and betaine to soothe skin and regulate sebum production
#03 Collagen: contains fish collagen, amino acids and adenosine to improve skin elasticity
#04 Hyaluron:contains sodium hyaluronate, betaine, aloe and trehalose to boost skin moisture

To target each of our skin concerns, Zoe tried the Hyaluron version for her extremely dry skin and Sarah tried to soothe acne with Cica. Michelle tested out the Vita C version in hopes of adding radiance to lackluster skin, and Maureen gave the Collagen version a shot to reduce fine lines and refine bumpy skin. See what we have to say!

daymellow - All-Round Powder

Maureen: What do you guys think about the powder?

Sarah: I mixed it in with my usual toner, serum and cream, so it was hard to differentiate the powder’s effects from my usual skin care ? On the plus side, I definitely liked that it didn’t contain any fragrances or colorants. It integrated really seamlessly into my routine without irritation.

Maureen: I feel the same! Afraid that it’d irritate skin, I tried dissolving it with water first and used it as a toner. But then my skin felt a bit tight, so I decided to dissolve it in a more hydrating toner instead.

Michelle: Initially I used too much powder and I think it irritated my skin a bit (yeah, I didn’t read the instructions)! But after a couple of tries, my skin seems to love it – whether mixed with toner, serum or moisturizer!

Maureen: How much did you use? ?

Michelle: 3 pumps on the first try ? Quite a lot of powder came out!

Zoe:Ohh wow, I usually give the bottle two taps and that should be enough ?

Maureen: Did it dissolve well?

Sarah: Mine dissolved really well! It made my products a lot thicker, which was nice for toners. But for more viscous serums and creams, I ended up having to use a lot more than I normally would ’cause it was quite hard to spread.

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Zoe:Anybody have issues with the powder clogging up the dispenser? I always have to give it a shake beforehand, otherwise nothing comes out ?

Michelle: Yeah, that was a bit of a problem for me too!

Zoe: Omg I thought it was just me!

Sarah: Oh I didn’t have that problem! I actually love the bottle design cuz it was so sleek and super easy to use ?

Michelle: I love the design too – it’s sooo pretty and super fun! Just need to shake it a bit beforehand.

Maureen: I guess you just have to keep the nozzle dry? Or just use a pin to unclog it. Mine worked pretty well – in fact, I never had to shake it. It just streamed out. I’m quite addicted to pressing the button and seeing it flowing out so smoothly ?

Sarah: Yesss I loved the feeling of pressing the button too.

Michelle: Seeing the powder coming out gave me major chemistry class vibes lol.

Zoe:What about effects? Have you guys noticed any effects it had on the product you mixed it with? I only tried mine with toners, essences and serums! I think the Hyaluron powder made them all extra moisturizing, especially with toners. It leaves my face super dewy and hydrated, more so than what the toner does by itself! ?

Maureen: Good to know! I’ve only tried mixing it with water and toner. Mine has fish collagen in it and I did find my skin firmer and plumper after 3 weeks of use!

Michelle: I think the Vita C powder amps up the power of my brightening serum for sure! Def more of a glow to my face these days ?

Sarah: My Cica powder is supposed to soothe, moisturize and balance skin as well as control excess sebum production. I usually have quite an oily T-zone around midday but I think that hasn’t been the case lately!

Maureen: At first, I thought I’d be too lazy to use it, but now that I’ve gotten used to it, I find it quite convenient and hygienic. I also thought the bottle would break easily but it’s quite sturdy.

Zoe:I dropped it so many times and there’s not even a scratch on it ?

Sarah: It’s definitely easy to implement and adds a little something extra to make my usual routine feel more fresh!

Maureen: I figure it’d be super nice to carry around for travel, if there’s a chance. Plus, I enjoy the feeling of turning water into wine?

Zoe:I want to try mixing it with my moisturizers as well now to see what kind of effects it’ll give me ?

Sarah: Yes, do it!! Double the moisture lol, you’ll be drowning in it. I saw on the product page that it can also be used with hair mist and body wash, or poured onto cotton pads as mini mask packs! I wanna try all of these as well ?

Michelle: I wonder what my Vitamin C powder will do when added to hair mist though? More shine ??


Maureen: Hope it won’t lighten your hair ? Btw anyone notice an egg-white smell from the powder?

Michelle: Noooo, it didn’t smell of anything to me.

Sarah: Ya, me neither!

Zoe:Mine didn’t have any scent :O

Maureen: Maybe it’s just fish collagen then…? Or corn starch coz that’s the main constituent – not that I’ve tried smelling corn starch.

Zoe:Corn starch ?

Maureen: The powder is so fine I wanted to taste it.

Sarah: Haha, I’ve been trying out LEMONA’s vitamin powder and it looks really similar to that

Maureen: All in all, I’m really satisfied with this powder ☃️  

Michelle: It surprised me cos I thought “no, not another step to my skin care routine!” but now I’m using it day and night (is that too much?).

Sarah: I have to take a more neutral position as I didn’t see any super dramatic changes. But it definitely didn’t bother my skin, so I’m gonna keep using it and see if bigger things happen!

Zoe:Same ? I’m gonna mix it with everything from now on!

Michelle: The mixing’s really part of the appeal!


Sarah: There’s a little part in all of us that wants to be in a science experiment.


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