QUIZ: Are you a K-Beauty Expert?

How much do you really know about K-Beauty? Are you a novice or an expert? Take this short quiz to find out!

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#1. What does aegyo sal mean?

#2. What’s the main purpose of a sheet mask?

#3. What does "glass" skin mean?

#4. Which one is the puppy liner look?

#5. What is the 7-skin method?

#6. What does it mean to have chok chok skin?

#7. What does tok tok mean?

#8. What are the proper steps of the jamsu makeup technique?

#9. What does AC mean in skin care?

#10. Which one is the correct 10-step Korean skin care routine?



Why hello there, K-Beauty aficionado. Let’s spread the love for K-Beauty!
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Don’t worry, this just means there’s plenty of room for you to grow. You’ll get there!

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