Introducing Your Birthstone Color into Your Wardrobe & Space (Part One)

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Signs & Attires

Looking for ways to refresh your vanity, desk, home and wardrobe? Try finding

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Incorporating a Vitamin C serum into your skin care routine all year round protects your skin from environmental aggressors such as free radicals and pollutants. Besides

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My hunt for effectively hydrating skin care never ends, and this time, I’m super excited to try AROMATICA’s Aloe Hy-ffective line. Before jumping into the

Brand Spotlight: KLAVUU

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Combine the Swedish words “klar” and “vuu,” which translate to “clear” and “view” respectively, and you get KLAVUU. The Korean skin care and makeup brand sources

Dreamy Wardrobe Ideas Inspired By Spring Movies

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Summer’s almost upon us! But before we sashay into the season of sun and surf, bottle the