I'm No Makeup Artist, But These Simple Products Are All I'm Using in 2021

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my makeup skills are lacking. I only managed to do my first-ever successful winged liner last year, and I have absolutely no idea where half the products

I own are actually supposed to be applied. However, while I might not be able to execute the perfect eye shadow look or know how to contour my nose, I do consider myself somewhat of an expert in simple, easy-to-use products, particularly creamy ones that I can apply with my fingers without too much thought. 

You see, my lack of makeup skills means that I’m particularly rubbish at using products that require any sort of artistic ability. Last year, as I found myself cooped up at home with some more time on my hands, I made it my mission to at least try some of the more taxing products in my collection. I spent hours experimenting with eye palettes, stocked up on colour-correcting creams, and even dabbled in a bit of glitter. After several months of meticulously picking apart video tutorials and saving Instagram looks to copy, I can definitely say that I have learned a lot about my creative flair. Simply put, I don’t have any.

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