12 Practical Purchases I'm Making Even Though I'm Shopping Less This Fall

As we all know by now, this fall is going to be weird, just as this spring and summer were. Even though fall is my favorite season to shop for, shopping is

something I'll be doing less of. Fewer places to go means fewer outfit needs, but that doesn't mean I won't be buying anything.

This year especially, I've been preaching quality over quantity, and instead of filling my closet with lots of cheap, low-quality pieces that I'll probably only wear once, I'm investing my shopping budget in pieces I'll wear over and over and that are as versatile as can be.

I'm well aware that the word "practical" can make the average fashion girl cringe, but it's a great thing in this case. I'm talking about wearable, functional, comfortable items that are also stylish. The fact that these items made their way into my cart even when there's hardly anywhere to go this year means they must be special. Scroll to shop them along with me.

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