These Elevated, Under-$70 Staples Are the Key to Winning Spring

There is a multitude of ways to win the spring outfit game, but alas why work harder when you can work smarter? Studying every single trend to emerge within the past

few months—from the runways to budding social media-led micro-trends—is certainly one way to be sartorially successful this season, but if you're interested in shortcuts like us, you'll go straight to the seasonless staples. To be clear, trends still very much have a place, but it's all about gauging the right amount of trendy without feeling like a fashion victim.

Thankfully, the assortment of items below nail that complex equation of trendy versus timeless. With pieces like upgraded denim to statement tops, these are the key to coming out of the season sartorially victorious. The best part? Nothing is over $70. 

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