My Nordstrom Obsession Is Real—Here Are 16 Out of the 18439 Pieces I'm Eyeing

When it's time to start my online shopping for the day, I begin with a fresh new window that will shortly be filled with more than 30 new tabs from all

over the internet. More often than not, my shopping sessions start and end with our tried and true Nordstrom site. I'm a true veteran who's been shopping at Nordstrom since before I even had an account to give the sales associate at checkout. I honestly thought my love for the retailer peaked years ago, but now that it has thousands of brands (some of which are my absolute faves), I no longer need to spend hours hopping from site to site—I spend hours on Nordstrom instead. After my latest binge, I came across 16 pieces that I'll be texting all of my friends about and posting on Instagram. Colorful heels, silk pajamas, tweed jackets, and so much more are below, and to say that I'm obsessed is an understatement. Keep scrolling to share my excitement for these killer pieces.

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