Every Fashion Person I Know Has This Denim Trend in Their Closet

There are a few specific staples the majority of fashion people I know seem to own. In the denim realm, this includes that tried-and-true jeans style that has a higher waist and

a looser fit in the leg area. Basically, when I asked my fellow fashion editors about their favorite denim silhouettes, this was the cut that every single one mentioned is in their offerings. When I look through my Saved folder on IG, this looser denim style (often in a lighter wash) is the key piece in many of my favorite looks. 

If you too are a fan of this denim trend and are looking to add a fresh pair into your rotation or want to test the look out once and for all, you’ll find a smattering of top-notch loose jeans below. I also decided to include some of the standout looks I mentioned above for a bit of styling inspiration. 

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