This Collab Screams More Is More, so I'm Giving It the Attention It Deserves

I can't think of a city that screams "more is more" louder than New York City. It's not rare for me to see the most eclectic and unconventional styles on any

given day, whether I'm walking a few blocks to my neighborhood coffee shop or commuting on the subway. The self-expression through clothing is so liberating and truly breathes life into this city, but you don't have to be an NYC resident to experience this level of expression. Desigual and Libertine partnered to create a celebration of excess with a new collection that plays with color, champions patchwork, combines prints, and so much more. This collaboration gives you full permission to be bold and take risks no matter where you live. The pieces in this collection truly speak for themselves and are the ultimate statement pieces, making it easy for you to pair with the basics in your wardrobe. I browsed the Desigual site and chose 16 of my favorite styles, which I've shared with you below. (FYI, the studded denim jacket and oversize T-shirt are calling my name, and I'm ready to answer.)

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