Y2K Called and Says It Wants Its Lip Gloss Back

Is it 2008? Because I'm singing "Lip Gloss" on repeat, and fittingly, my lip gloss is poppin'. (Truer words have never been spoken.) Gloss is back, and it's back in a

big way for spring. The timing is spot-on, too. The early aughts are having a major fashion moment right now, and maximalist lips feel especially fitting. There's something very Y2K about topping off a makeup look with a shimmery lip gloss, and no brand makes me feel quite as nostalgic for this trend as Too Faced does. Maybe it's because my love for the brand (and for lip gloss) began when I was just 8 years old. Perhaps it's because I remember how much I loved the fun packaging at that age (and still do). Or maybe it's because the brand just always exudes fun. What I do know is that when it comes to lips—specifically lip plumpers—Too Faced reigns supreme. Each formula is unique and provides insanely good volume. So if you're not down to go under the needle but want to juice up your lips for spring (and beyond), Too Faced has you covered, quite literally. Keep scrolling to find the formula that's right for you.

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