These Dreamy Lip-and-Cheek Tints Are Like a Shot of Espresso for Your Face

I can be fully decked out with foundation, concealer, mascara, and a killer brow, but until I've dabbed a little somethin' somethin' on my lips and cheeks, I feel like an

extra from The Walking Dead. And according to a Slack session I recently had with my fellow Who What Wear beauty editors, I'm not alone! All it took for me was to type "best-ever lip-and-cheek tints," and the energized banter took off in about two seconds flat. Suffice to say, there's no better way to look immediately fresh and revived than applying a fabulous multitasking lip-and-cheek tint atop your pout and complexion. The one and only glitch? There are so many amazing formulas to choose from. 

After hours of research, Slacking and texting everyone I know in the industry, I finally whittled down my initial 25 best lip-and-cheek tints to a more digestible 16. (And yes, I realize that's still a lot, but I'm physically unable to narrow down the array any further. Sorry, not sorry!) Ahead are 16 dreamy lip-and-cheek tints that are beauty editor approved and act like a shot of espresso for your face. Keep scrolling!

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