BRB, I'm Curbing My Impulse Buys and Renting My Entire Spring Wardrobe

You have to keep this between us, but I'm 99.9% sure that I have a shopping problem. Whether I'm aimlessly roaming the city streets or aimlessly scrolling on my phone, somehow

my inbox becomes full of "thank you for your order" messages and my hangers become full of new garments for the season. And the worst part of it all is that these pieces are only worn a handful of times (if that) with most of its time in my possession spent collecting dust and remaining unworn. I won't sit here and pretend that this is a new development in my life, but I will however, commit to making a change.

To save space in my apartment and money in my bank account, I'm choosing to rent this season's new finds from Rent the Runway. It has monthly memberships (with trials that start at just $69) and items for every occasion that you can think of from all of your favorite brands (Staud, Reformation, Coach). I already got a head start on this new lifestyle change and kicked off my membership with some chic and seasonal picks. (I may or may not have used the promo code WWW30 to get 30% off two months of the eight-item plan.) I simply couldn't wait so I styled two spring looks for you, too. Keep scrolling for some outfit inspiration along with the key Rent the Runway pieces living in my head rent-free at the moment (no pun intended). 

*Note: All items are priced at $0 with a monthly membership, as seen below.

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