If Your Summer Style Is Easy and Effortless, You Need to See These 16 Pieces

There are so many things I love about winter, but layering a coat over a sweater on a frigid March morning isn’t one of them. Growing up on the California coast,

I had an easy and relaxed personal style all year long. But now that I’m living in NYC, it’s a different story. The truth is that coastal style isn’t about the place—it’s about the vibe, and there’s one brand that can help you achieve this no matter where you live. Free People has been a staple in my wardrobe from coast to coast, and this season, its Endless Summer collection is full of easy-to-throw-on items that will help you create effortless outfits. I pulled 16 pieces from this collection and beyond that will help you achieve that endless summer feeling. So keep scrolling for dresses, tops, accessories, and more.

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