10 Beloved Makeup Products That Live Up to the Hype

One of our favorite pockets of the internet is the review section of Amazon beauty products. It can be a ruthless and brutally honest space, but truthfully, that's the kind of

feedback that's most helpful when selecting beauty products online without the ability to give them a test-drive IRL first. This is especially true for makeup, which is so personal to any given individual. It's one thing when a makeup product has thousands of rave reviews, but when it's got close to five stars and is selling fast to boot? That's how you know you've got a winner on your hands. 

So how do you locate these makeup unicorns among the hundreds of thousands of products available on Amazon? Lucky for us, the mega-retailer does most of the heavy lifting by staying very transparent about its best-selling products across all categories and aggregating them into ever-evolving, ranked lists. Genius! Spoiler alert: The top-makeup ranking currently consists of lots of mascara.

Interested in checking out what else is on the leaderboard? Keep scrolling to get a download on the best Amazon makeup currently selling like hotcakes along with a snapshot of the reviews to support their internet fame. Then, check out even more buzzy Amazon makeup products to help you select the perfect option for yourself.

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