I'm 31 and Never Felt the Need for Botox Thanks To These 8 Products

The Best Skincare Routine for Your 30s



Fast forward to today. I'm 31 and still

not feeling like my Botox time has arrived yet. And trust me, I'm not in any way opposed to the procedure, nor do I judge anyone who partakes. If it makes you feel good about yourself and isn't financially crippling, then, by all means, go for it! It just so happens that for now, my skincare routine seems to be doing a perfectly adequate job of keeping my skin as smooth and free of lines and wrinkles as I find necessary. I'm alright with slight indentations on my forehead or around my eyes that linger for a moment after outwardly expressing myself in this wild world. (We'll see how I feel about this in another few years as I delve deeper into my 30s, though.)

Anyway, I recently put one of those "How old do I look" filters from Instagram on my face and it said I look 16, so we can all thank technology for the unsolicited skincare advice I'm about to share. Aside from minding my own business, fiercely protecting my energy, and drinking a gallon of water a day whenever I can, I'm certain my fine-tuned skincare routine has contributed to my glowing 31-year-old face, too. My mom definitely sprinkled some of her ageless magic into my DNA, but seriously, I've spent years learning what my skin wants and needs to build the most effective routine. Keep scrolling for the eight indispensable products I'm loving in my 30s that I think you will, too.

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