The Absolute Best Hair Masks, According to Editors and the Internet

I'll be the first to admit that I was never really good at taking care of my hair. I have a set routine for my skincare, but when it comes to

my hair, it's pretty bare bones. Granted, I am pretty low-maintenance with my hair overall. I don't dye my hair, I rarely use hot tools, and most days, I air-dry it. So the extent of my hair maintenance up until now has been shampoo and conditioner. End of story.

Recently though, I've been experimenting with new-to-me products to take care of my hair in between washes or as an extra treat for my hair when it's feeling dry or frizzy. I've also been using scalp treatments to deal with the weird scalp issues I've been getting in quarantine. And I've been testing out new shampoos and conditioners. So I've had quite the hair journey in the past couple of months.

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