If You Want to Feel Good From the Inside Out, a Little Golde Is All You Need

Welcome to our newest editorial initiative, Who What Wear Spotlight, where we'll be using our editorial platform, social following, and ad inventory to turn the spotlight on small businesses that need

Jennifer Lopez Wore the Simple Leggings Outfit You Probably Already Own

Three months into quarantine, nowadays, it's hard for me to find a pair of matching socks, let alone put together a cute outfit. But whenever there's a question of what to wear,

25 Expensive-Looking Pieces of Lingerie I'm Buying On Amazon (For Under $50)

Lingerie is often known for coming in at uncomfortably high price points. While there is certainly tons of artistry and craftsmanship that goes into those higher-end pieces, spending hundreds of dollars

12 Things Short Girls Look Amazing in, Every Time

Like me, you’re short, and that’s great—but sometimes finding the trends and pieces that work for our height can be tricky. While actual growth is out of the question, dressing is made easier by simply knowing

The Jewelry Trend That Always Makes My Outfits Look More Expensive

Let me ask you this: Is there anyone who doesn't want to look like they spent more money on their outfit than they actually did? As far as I'm concerned, why

43 Lingerie-Inspired Swimsuits That Will Make You Do a Double-Take

Swim trends come and go, but I have a feeling this one is here for the long-haul. While lingerie has almost always inspired and informed the design of swimwear for women, it hasn't

It's Official: These Are the Most Comfortable Underwear Brands

Don’t get us wrong—gorgeous lingerie is always fun, exciting, and a major confidence boost. That said, on any given day, you’re probably more likely to reach for a pair of seamless

January Jones and Kourtney K. Wore the Same Swimsuit and It's Blowing Up on IG

Even though there are thousands of swimsuits to choose from, sometimes celebrities end up wearing the exact same thing. I've already covered the bikini that both Jennifer Lopez and Bella Hadid own, and

We're in Our 50s and Think These 9 Casual Dress Trends Work for Everyone

Janet Gunn is the inspiring influencer behind The Grateful Gardenia. Originally from Texas, the 58-year-old style guru is now settled in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and dog, Buster. She's

The Cotton Underwear Everyone Needs to Own

For all the reasons we love investing in gorgeous lingerie (i.e., the happiness and confidence boost, the varying trends, and ultimately, the sheer fact that it’s pretty), we also love having


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