4 Super Cute Bra Brands for Plus Size Teens

Being a plus size teen with big boobs is hard.

The only youth-focused bra stores are Aerie and VS: Pink, and they stop at a DDD; most department stores

don’t have the styles and selection a young girl needs, and most specialty boutiques are entirely focused on the older demographic and usually have very boring basic styles.

So… where the heck is a plus sized teen supposed to go to get a good (and cute) bra?

Fortunately, several brands out here supply more teen-friendly styles and colors while still providing good support!

4 Bra Brands Great For Teens!


A UK-based brand with over 200 sizes represented, Molke carries more simple bra shapes for tweens not yet ready for a more structured underwire bra. With three styles to choose from: the Original Crossover Bra, the Flexi Size Bra, and the Racerback Bralette style.

They are the perfect kid-friendly introduction to bra styles with cute colors and prints such as unicorns, space motifs, and turtles. They also have fun and age-appropriate swimming attire, with tankini and high-waisted swim bottom options. 


Goddess styles provide full coverage for the fuller bust teenagers needing support and structure with an underwire.

The Keira collection is full of fun, bright solid colors, while the Kayla carries several pretty print styles.


Carrying a wide variety of styles and colors, Elomi comes through with many age-appropriate collections for a plus size teen.

The Cate gives full support and coverage up to a 46 band, with fun, bold new colors every season.

The Matilda provides full coverage in cute colors but also allows for a plunge option for v neck shirts and a racerback hook for tank top versatility. 

The Charley gives super cute bralette vibes while still providing top-tier support.


The Dionne by Sculptresse gives full coverage support with its four-part cup while also sporting a cute strappy detail that can serve as a layering effect for  v-neck style shirts (sorry moms, no t-shirt bras this time: the strappy look is IN!)

Which styles are your plus size teen liking? Let us know in the comments!

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