Hold Them Up In Comfort: 10 Plus Size Wireless Bra Options for Everyday Ease!

The beginning of the pandemic in 2020 made a major change for folks who wear bras, which has made the plus size wireless bra option so popular!

With many working from

home, brick and mortar bra stores closing/not allowing fittings and self-isolation for the bulk of 2020, a lot of folks just simply GAVE UP on wearing bras.

Then in the spring/summer of 2021, everyone decided they were going OUT! Restaurants, parks, and offices began to reopen, and with that came the wondrous tale of ‘Oh god. I’ve NOTHING TO WEAR!’ So many people had their bodies change throughout this past year, and their underwire bras became public enemy number one. 

Fortunately, several bra brands have expanded their plus size wireless bra collections, so that you can have both comfort as well as proper support for your everyday foundation wear (because we know you wanna try to be somewhat professional for those Zoom meetings).

10 Plus Size Wireless Bra Options for Everyday Ease!


This Scotland Based brand has recently expanded their size range from a 48” band to 54” for the original Molke bra style, increasing their already massive size range to 285 bra sizes accommodated.

With the notable cross-over design to prevent uni-boob, this wire-free style is perfect for both nursing mothers as well as anyone who simply wants a bit of cleavage with their wireless. 

They also have their Flexi Size bra with hook and eye closures for a more conventional fit, which comes with the added adjustable cleavage feature.

Curvy Couture

Featuring one of the first wireless bras designed with accessibility in mind, the Cotton Luxe Front and Back Hook plus size wireless bra has a hook and eye feature in both the front and back of the bra, allowing those with mobility issues to easily dress themselves while still having comfort and support. 

They also carry their traditional Cotton Luxe wireless bra in a plethora of fun colors for every wardrobe

Girlfriend Collective

The Paloma bra is their best selling wireless bra style, with a racerback feature and long line for fuller bust accommodation. Size range 2XS-6XL, giving support and comfort across all size ranges.

The Dylan Crop bra is a comfy hybrid between a crop top and a wireless sports bra, giving some compression support while not being too constricting. This style comes in both a smooth fabrication as well as a ribbed fabric, sizes 2XS-6XL


The Back Smoothing Lightly Lined Wire-Free bra from Torrid provides a seamless style for an everyday look while still providing great support. 36-54 B-H cup in American bra sizing.

Lane Bryant 

The Ribbed Seamless Bralette is the perfect comfy and casual style for every day while still giving good support. Sizes 14-24.


The Jacquard Wireless from Elila gives amazing comfort and support with both its front close and back close styles, complete with strap pads for shoulder comfort. Sizes 34-52 F-O American bra sizing for the back closure style, 36-50 F-L

Wireless bras can be stylish and offer support as well! Are you a fan of wireless bras??

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