What is Your 2022 New Year’s Theme? For TCF, It is “Flourish”

Over the past few years, we have ditched New Year’s resolutions and have replaced them with a New Year’s Theme. A theme has helped us focus on the energy that we

approach our goals, life, and of course, the business of The Curvy Fashionista.

A theme? Yes, love.

Have you been looking for a better way to approach your goals for the year?

Illumination Created shared on Medium, that a theme is “flexible, gives you a macro view, and can help you narrow down your goals.”

Black plus size woman smiling while talking about a New Year
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A New Year’s theme gives you an approach that allows you to NOT feel guilty, defeated, or disappointed. Mayyyybe, a theme for the new year will help you navigate things with confidence.


Huffington Post shares a few tips on how to approach a New Year’s Theme:

“The theme should be a word that resonates with you and embodies something that has been missing from your daily life. Instead of defining specific behaviors that you want to do, you simply keep your theme in mind and allow your days to unfold from there. This can be a very refreshing way to approach a New Year, especially for those of us who are tired of making the same resolution every year.”

Huffington Post

This way, the how in how you approach things, may yield new results! Maybe?!

With that, we have chosen Flourish as our New Year’s Theme for 2022.

We have actualized the themes of Own It, Walk In It, and Audacious.

So, what is next?

Celebrating your New Year
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Flourish is an action word that culminates the growth that we have achieved over the past 13 years of bringing you the latest in plus size fashion. It calls for us to stand tall, to own our dopeness, and to move confidently in our work.

When you look at the word, Flourish means to “grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.”

As your Managing Editor and Founder, for me, it represents an action word that stems from Nourish, a personal theme that I have spoken about on my relaunched site, MarieDenee.com.

Marie Denee looking at the camera
Marie Denee

With our recent changes, pivots, and growth as a brand, team, and company- paired with me learning how to nourish self and shedding the insecurities of the past, we are ready to GO!

As we plan or outline goals and milestones, when we approach all things with this theme in mind, the theme forces us to think about how we approach things and with what energy! It is indeed really about a mindset, right?

If you have the moment, sit with yourself, and think about what energy you want to approach things for next year, considering how the last two years have been? MAYBE a different process will help HOW you navigate things?

Marie Denee in Lane Bryant plus size bikini at Miami Curves Week
Marie Denee at TCFCruise

With “FLOURISH” we are geeked about how this will impact and lead TCF for the New Year! Our New Year’s Theme is all about action paired with confidence.

Or I would like to think so…

What is your theme word for the new year?

We want to hear from you and learn why!

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