5 More Plus Size Vintage & Thrift Shops To Know and Love!

to celebrate "Earth Day" this April 22nd, than by introducing 5 Plus Size Vintage & Thrift Shops to know and love! " alt="consignment - unsplash" data-lazy-src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/media.thecurvyfashionista.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/15125215/becca-mchaffie-Fzde_6ITjkw-unsplash-150x150.jpg"/>

TCF always brings the best fashion and shopping finds… so, let’s add a few more gems! What better way to celebrate “Earth Day” this April 22nd, than by introducing 5 More Plus Size Vintage & Thrift Shops to know and love!

We brought you a few outstanding Plus Size options before – but we are making our list even juicier! The days of Plus size and Curvy not being represented in Vintage, Consignment, or Thrift Shops are over!!!

The Plus Bus Plus size consignment store
The Plus Bus Plus size consignment store

So many online and offline Plus Size Vintage and Thrift Shops are popping up all over the country and the world – answering the call for inclusion and great bargains!

We have to give thanks to some plus size thrifting and secondhand powerhouses who took a chance and made magic with their fantastic concepts, a keen eye for important details, and a love for Plus Size fashion.

Fat Fancy plus size consignment store
Fat Fancy Boutique by www.AbbieTakesPictures.com

Before we get started, I have a confession. Not until very recently, have I ever considered vintage, consignment, or thrift. Yep, I know.

I am definitely a shopper at heart, however, the idea of thrifting never struck me as something that could be… spectacular! Something, that I- a plus size person, could truly participate in…

Until now.

5 Plus Size Vintage & Thrifts Shops to Know and Love!

5 More Plus Size Vintage Shops To Keep on Your Radar!

Photo Credit: shopthova.com


Located in Easthampton, ME, Shop Thova specializes in curating Plus Size Vintage and Thrift. Store Owner/Founder, "Deidre" turned her hobby of Plus Size Fashion and Thrifting into a business due to losing her job during the Pandemic. Little did she know that this career pivot would be a life-changing opportunity not only for her but for the Plus Size Community.

Photo Credit: www.thiccmamathrifts.com

Thicc Mama Thrifts

Kaesyn Green, owner and founder of Thicc Mama Thrifts has been thrifting for as long as she can remember. "In 2019, she stumbled upon the world of online secondhand stores and fell in love. However, she quickly found herself frustrated by a lack of size representation in the community. In response, Thicc Mama Thrifts was established in May of 2020!"

Photo Credit: luvsickplus.com


LUVSICK is an amazing Plus Size Vintage Shop, on and offline. With 2 retail locations in Chicago and a super well-stocked online shop, LUVSICK is doing extremely well and representing the Plus Community in Vintage like a Star! With a wide selection of items, LUVSICK will keep you coming back for more! Hence the name, right? 

Photo Credit: shopbadmoon.com

Badmoon Vintage

Badmoon Vintage is a dreamy, magical place that is all about inclusivity and amazing vintage finds. They are a "judgement-free safe shopping space for people to find and express their beautifully weird selves".

Photo Credit: www.theplusbus.com

The Plus Bus Boutique

"The Plus Bus was created in 2015 by Jen Wilder & Marcy Guevara-Prete after they found themselves drowning in clothes. The two fast-friends hit it off, and their first event was a success, leaving them with an idea and way more clothes than they started with."

Now, the world of secondhand shopping has become normalized and is no longer frowned upon. Online and offline shops are decked out with brand names, amazing and unique vintage fits that upgrade our personal style and varied looks.

With all the talk and information on sustainability within the fashion industry, I hopped on the chance to explore and learn more. According to TRVST.com, “Buying or selling consignment goods reduces the carbon footprint you acquire for owning an item because you are now sharing the environmental costs with another person.”

So you are telling me shopping Vintage and plus size thrifting can actually help the planet? And my pockets too? And… they have my size?

Well, let’s get into it!

Where are YOU shopping these days for all of your plus size vintage or thrifting needs? Sharing is caring!

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