#TCFTurns12 Giveaway: Score a Zone Naturals for Chub Rub Holiday Pack and A $300 Gift Card for You and a Friend!

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The Curvy Fashionista is twelve years old! Can you believe it? We want to thank you for rockin’ with us this long, and celebrating all things curvy and fashion! Are y’all ready for this Zone Naturals for Chub Rub giveaway we have in store??

We’ve teamed up with brands you know and love to host one of our biggest giveaway series, yet! Yup, we are going to be giving away over $12,000 worth of prizes to you, our dear readers!

Every giveaway will play off the number 12! 4 x 3, 6 x 2… get it?!

A woman stands in front of a jungle themed background. She is plus sized, with short blonde hair, amd is wearing a leopard print dress and a burgundy cardigan. she is holding a stick of Chub Rub in her hands. Beside her is a white unicorn. Chub Rub Giveaway
Elizabeth @snackincbus holding Chub Rub by Zone Naturals.

First up in our #TCFTurns12 series is this amazing Zone Naturals for Chub Rub giveaway!

What do you have a chance to win?

A FABULOUS box of goodies from Zone Naturals AND a $300 gift card (perfect for stocking up) for you to AMAZON and another $300 Amazon gift card for a friend!!

As curvy folks, we are more prone to chub rub and chafing, because of our beautiful abundance of curves. *Sigh* It’s a pain to be so beautifully voluptuous sometimes, isn’t it??

Fear not! The folks at Zone Naturals have got us covered with their skin-loving anti-chafing products! And it’s not only for your thighs!

You can apply anywhere your skin rubs together to prevent chub rub! Try it on your underarms, between your cute belly rolls, and under your belly. Say bye-bye to chafing for good!

Here’s How You Can Score Your Zone Naturals Holiday Gift Pack and Your $300 Amazon Gift Card:

How to enter:

  • Simply enter using the form below, via Facebook or email!
  • Nominate a friend to Share the Love with! Nominate your friend in the comments of this post, with their name and why you want to share the love with them!
  • You have six days to enter, the giveaway closes on December 8th, 2020!

The Prize:

Zone naturals Gift Box Set Under $50

A Holiday Curvy Gift Box by Zone Naturals and a $300 Gift Card to AMAZON for YOU and a Friend YOU NOMINATE!

Here’s what’s included in the Holiday Box:

  • Chub Rub All Natural Anti-Chafe Stick – All-natural anti-chafing stick that helps curvy thighs slide together with no irritation. It helps prevent thigh rub and chafing. Long-Lasting and effective.
  • Blister Prevention Stick – All-natural anti-blister stick to help prevent blisters. It helps reduce friction that can cause blisters on feet and hands.
  • Face Balm For Face Masks – All-natural soothing anti-maskne stick that helps prevent skin irritations from wearing a face mask. Skin irritation and heat leads to maskne and no one wants that! Put on Face Balm before you have to wear your mask and its all-natural ingredients (including aloe and vitamin E) are safe, even for sensitive skin!
  • Anti Static Micro Fiber Cloth – This MedZone branded microfiber cloth helps clean off sunglasses, reading glasses, and computer screens! Easy to carry in your purse or bag or leave in the car.

This is perfect for stocking up for yourself all year, or you can share the love even more and grab some Zone Naturals products for your friends and family as stocking stuffers!

Enter the Zone Naturals for Chub Rub Giveaway!

Are you super excited for #TCFTurns12 birthday giveaways? I know we are!

Don’t forget to enter this Chub Rub giveaway for you and a friend, and nominate the friend you’d like to share your prize with, in the comments!

Remember you have until December 8th to enter this giveaway! Check in often to see what other giveaways we have up our sleeve!

Good luck, darlings!

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