Nzinga Imani : Modern Day Renaissance Woman

A creative means of expression in a fulfilling, freeing manner is a satisfying yet gratifying experience for oneself. In the case of actress and creative powerhouse Nzinga Imani, versatility amongst several

Eloquii’s Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Collection Brings On The Romance

One of my favorite times of year is Valentine’s Day, and it may not be for the reason you think. I love flirty, sexy, and fun fashion. Red and pink paired

9 Versatile Plus Size Winter White Fashion Pieces We Love Right Now!

Fashionistas! It’s time to create your own winter wonderland by wearing stunning plus size winter white fashion! Why wait until it snows? Change the temperature at any winter happy hour, meeting,

“I’m 46, And This Is My Skincare Routine For Mature Skin”

True story, as a teenager and young lady, I had flawless skin. No, seriously, not so much as a pimple or scar blemished my skin throughout high school and college. But,

Weightless by Maggie McGill is the Intuitive Movement Manifesto Every Fat Babe Needs to Read

Body Liberation Advocate Maggie McGill shares their story and the inspiration behind their new ebook Weightless with TCF.

In elementary school, I was the slowest kid on my soccer

Keep Your Skin Happy With These 9 Skincare Finds

Let’s get real, there is nothing cute about being ashy. Winter is officially here and as it gets colder, we’re layering on more clothes to keep warm and our skin protected.

What is Your 2022 New Year’s Theme? For TCF, It is “Flourish”

Over the past few years, we have ditched New Year’s resolutions and have replaced them with a New Year’s Theme. A theme has helped us focus on the energy that we

What We Want From The Fashion Industry in 2022 : We Ask Some Of Today’s Rising Influencers To Share Their Thoughts

Fashion is a means of expression that holds no bounds and follows zero rules. It is one of the most visual ways to showcase one’s personality and show it off to

5 Tips to Help You Face Diet Culture In the New Year

It’s that time of year once again! The horrible time of year when everyone talks about their weight loss goals, how “bad” they were during the holidays, and how they plan

Best of 2021: The Breakout Plus Size Beauty Influencers To Watch- At ALL Ages

Online content creators have taken over the beauty world by making a name for themselves. Between TikTok tutorials (follow us there for upcoming tiktoks) and Instagram reels,

Are you Inside for NYE? Gap Has You Covered with the Hottest Plus Size Loungewear Sets

Disclosure: This article is in partnership with Gap. Our thoughts are our own.

Did you Know Gap Has Women’s Plus Size Loungewear?

Gap is one of those truly iconic American

Your 2022 Planners Guide: Get Your Life Organized, Stay Motivated, and Conquer Your Goals!

At this point, we’ve all made at least a few resolutions for the upcoming new year. Mainly to make it a much better year than 2021, am I right?? And since


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