12 Best Electric Toothbrush & Teeth Whitener Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2020

Still using a manual toothbrush? Well, we won't knock a thorough oral-care regimen of any kind, but you might consider some upgrades. The best Amazon Prime Day deals 2020 has to

offer can help. First, an electric brush is programmed to give you the perfect pressurized and timed scrubdown. They also have motorized heads that more thoroughly remove plaque and reduce gingivitis. There are also some terrific teeth-whitening strips to be had at rarely-seen-before prices, alongside a high-powered water flossers (which run rings around standard floss). If you're ready to upgrade, or if you want to gift any of these to your partner or friend, then here are a couple of our favorite oral care products, from sink-ledge hardware to disposable floss picks, all plucked the best Amazon Prime Day deals 2020 has revealed so far.

For every other worthwhile deal we've found, head over to our massive list of the best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2020.

At the time this post was published, all items were available and on sale.

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